When You Search “Best WordPress Plugins Free”: Don’t Consider That…

Nothing is free; make sure you know this truth. If some company is offering any service for free, you are the product then. Similarly, if you have an online business and are looking for Free & Best WordPress Fomo Plugins, you need to read this article till the end.


What Are The Factors Of The Best WordPress Popup Plugins?

While installing push notifications service or the top popup software to your website, always ensure these points:


1. It offers free/unlimited push notifications upto an extent.

2. The support team of that company revolves around your doubt with instant response.

3. The WordPress popup plugin is supportive of your website.

4. It does not create any further hindrance with the pre-installed plugins of your websites.

5. Easy to install & update when the company brings in new features.

6. Supportive to every webpage of the website.

7. Can be customized (messages, design, & images).

8. Offers you to add the fomo WordPress plugins on multiple sub-domains under the same membership plan.

9. You can edit the time duration of displaying Fomo popups.

10. Multiple popups can be added or removed to a single webpage, as per your requirements.


These are the top benefits you must look for while looking for the best push notifications service.


Myths About Fomo WordPress Plugins

Here are some stereotypes and web push notifications myths that experts also confessed:


1. If any agency offers you FREE WordPress fomo plugins, ensure it is feasible for your website, i.e., it does not create any harm to your site.

2. Do not believe that within minutes & hours of installing the popup plugin will get you the expected results. Invest at least a month, thereafter, analyze its performance.

3. It helps increase your site’s CTR & reduce bounce rates, but it does not mean your site’s DA/PA will increase rapidly after its installation. Because it requires strategies to improve the site's performance. 

Businesses often misunderstand the benefits of WordPress popup notifications, and these mentioned myths happen further. 


Attempt These Solutions To Avoid Mentioned Myths:


Ask these questions to the support team of the web push notification service provider:


1. Are there any complications while installing your fomo plugin software?

2. Is the subscription plan flexible if I want to update it with another one?

3. Can I make changes to the campaigns created in the plugin?

4. Is there any option to make campaigns live whenever I want?

5. What if I want only a FREE plan and not the paid version?

6. Who will assist me if installing your plugin affects my site’s infrastructure?

7. Will you guarantee the reimbursement of the damage made to my website after installing your fomo popup plugin?


Wrapping Up


The mentioned factors, myths, and queries are crucial to analyze because these plugins will impact your business goals. Therefore, if you know what, when, and how about the fomo WordPress plugin, you will be able to prevent your site from the estimated viruses or damage.

If you doubt installing or functioning the WCF popup plugin, always consider consulting with the top WordPress development agency in Noida

With their 20-min of FREE consultation call, you can resolve your queries, and if you want more talks, they will also assist you with that.

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