What fonts do famous professional logos use?

What are the main types of logo fonts? How should you choose the best & professional logo font for your company's logo? Let's explore the answers to these questions in this article:


A logo is the first thing or the first impression of your company and fonts play a key role in the logo designing process. The proper choice of fonts to create a logo can't be underestimated. The font of your logo design depicts the brand's message and emotions. 


A correct choice of font can give a great look to your company. It is suggested to hire the best logo designing services in India because a professional logo is the face of your company. It must be appropriate and approved to shine away from the crowd.


Main Types of Logo Fonts


There are four types of logo fonts that help to build your brand identity in logo design. Famous brands use these logo fonts in their logo designs.


  1. Serif Logo Fonts 

Serif logo fonts are timeless, traditional, and sophisticated fonts. The logo with these fonts is adaptable to the changing time. The famous brands that use serif logo fonts are Rolex, Prada, Mercedes-Benz, etc.


  1. Sans Serif Logo Fonts

Sans Serif Logo fonts are modern, and powerful in their simplicity. These fonts are used to create a straightforward logo to convey your message. The famous brand with Sans Serif Logo Fonts is Google, Facebook, Netflix, Facebook, etc.


  1. Script or Cursive Logo Fonts

Script Logo fonts are formal, feminine, and elegant fonts that can be used to convey a message. They look more like real handwriting and hence not suitable for every brand. The famous & professional logo that uses Script Fonts are Cadillac, Lavish Cartier, Harrods, etc


  1. Display Logo fonts

Display Logo Fonts are used to create a memorable logo that can distinguish your brand from others and remains in the audience's mind. The top famous brands with Display Logo Fonts are Disney, Sega, BR Baskin Robbins, etc.


How to Choose the Best Font For Your Company's Professional Logo?


Follow the following tips to choose the best font for your company:


  • Look at your Brand Personality

First, understand your brand personality like is it modern or traditional, is it sophisticated, etc., and then choose the suitable font from the above main 4 categories of fonts.


If you are unable to understand then hire one of the best professional logo design services, they will help you out with such things.


  • Keep the Target Audience in Mind

While creating and choosing the font for your company logo design, try to connect with your target audience to build a trustworthy brand.


  • Easy to Read

Readability is essential to keep your brand logo unique. Don't use fonts that are hard to read like scripted fonts are not easily readable.


  • Focus on Scalability

Your custom logo will be used in different mediums from digital to print. Choose the logo font by looking at the primary mediums on which your logo will be used.


  • Color Choice

You can't use a colored logo on every medium, so use black and white colors. If color is required for your brand then choose the font that defines your business.


Read the article about the psychology of color in logo design.


  • Simple Fonts

Simplicity is the essential quality for a logo so avoid using complex fonts. Logos with complex fonts are hard to scale. So keep it clear and simple.


Some Most Used Fonts


  • Proxima Nova

  • Didot

  • Bodoni

  • Garamond

  • Baltica

  • Choplin

  • Baltica

  • Helvetica

  • Futura

  • Univers

  • Alternate Gothic

  • Avante Garde

  • Avenir

  • Myriad

  • Open Sans


Final Thoughts


To become a powerful and well-known brand in the market, the use of proper and popular fonts is essential. You should keep the above-mentioned tips for selecting fonts for your company's professional logo. The article gives you a full guide for branding your business.


If you want to build a strong and impactful logo for your company, hire the best logo design company in Noida.

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