What are the “must-have” web push notifications for your newly developed website?



Startups having websites always try to come up with new marketing solutions & techniques. They do so to build their uniqueness and brand awareness. Similarly, businesses prefer web push notification plugins for wordpress  to create a psychological impact on their online visitors. 

To make a better understanding of the FOMO plugins, we have covered 9 “must-have” plugins that enhance your website health. So, let’s look at their benefits:

9 “Must-Have” Web Push Notifications For Your Online Platform:)


In the list, you will get to know about personalized plugins that you (being a beginner) can use on your personal or professional website. So let’s dive into them.


  1. Informational Plugin:


This popup shows the relevant message to your visitors. Therefore, whenever you want users to know your business’ recent updates, the “informational” plugin would be beneficial.


  1. Coupon Plugin:


Best for eCommerce businesses. Whenever a seasonal or festive season arrives, one needs to give discounts & coupons to drive sales. Therefore, the “coupon” tab effectively increases the profit ratio.


  1. Live Counter

Effective for building authenticity among users. When a user knows that “you” have hundreds of online visitors on your site, your business’ authenticity increases among your online guests.


  1. Email Collector


Helps in building the leads’ base for your company. Every business requires clients/customers thus using this web push notification plugin could get startups “quality leads” that can be easily converted into their customers if pitched in the right manner.


  1. Latest Conversion


Social proofs build trust. When we see that other customers also prefer specific online stores for purchasing products, they tend to spend more time on those websites. That is why this fomo wordpress plugin is helpful for each kind of online business.


  1. Social Share


Builds your online presence. Visitors tend to give more feedback on your services on their social handles. Therefore, if you provide value to them, it has the potential to build your brand’s online presence.


  1. Emoji Feedback


Helpful in user engagement. Unique and innovative ways always attract users. Additionally, emojis are a better way where users rate your online platform through this emojis’ web push notification popup. 


  1. Instant Customer Satisfaction


Quick customer resolve queries. If your company’s budget allows, you can create an automatic or manual system with your “support team” to resolve customer queries. 


  1. Countdown Collector


Sales is the soul of every business. Thus, this web push notification allows you to create a situation of “FOMO” where your online guests think they would be left behind in getting benefits from your services.

This Is Not The Last Step You Should Follow


Is there any benefit if you invest your time learning about the FOMO WordPress popup plugin but not installing it on your website? 


Therefore, we bring you a complete guide to installing the web push notification software. But, you need to read this guide for that because WeCodeFuture here shows how it actually works. 


Choosing the best WordPress plugin for the website is essential because there are many features that you can add to your platform. However, it is your responsibility to ensure that you choose the best one. 


That is why, in this article, we have given you a list of 9 plugins that benefits online businesses. Also, if you wish such features for your business, connect with WeCodeFuture. They have served more than 1000+ online small businesses with their personalized FOMO plugin


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