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A software that gets you all solutions to boost your overall business is always worth investing. Similarly, there is one such software that is fruitful for online business is “web push notifications tool.”

There are tons of web push notifications providers available. However, before investing in any tool, you must know what are the best ones. So, let’s look at them:


  1. Trust Pulse

  2. WeCodeFuture 

  3. NotificationX

  4. ThriveThemes

  5. Sumo

  6. Bloom


However, you are advised to explore each software personally to know their work efficiency. For instance, let’s have a look at WCF web push notifications tool functioning.


Here you need only these 12 steps to install & run your push notification campaign:


  1. Visit WCF fomo plugin page & click on “Download” button.

  2. Enter the required details and press submit.

  3. Then, the zip file of the popup plugin will be downloaded.

  4. Login to your website dashboard and upload the zip file there.

  5. Further, install it and click on activate.


In these simple steps the WCF plugin gets installed to your website. Now the steps of campaigns start:


  1. Register your brand on the web push notifications tool.

  2. Create your account to start campaigning.

  3. Log in with the FREE membership plan.

  4. Click on “Create Campaign” and enter your site’s domain.

  5. Name the campaign and start exploring the popup plugins available.

  6. If you have chosen the FREE plan, you will get Three popup plugins with limited features.

  7. Otherwise, with only $19p.m you get 14 popup plugins with significant benefits.


So, choose a platform that gives you quick access to your popup plugins. Otherwise, rest will only consume your time and you won’t get any benefits at the end of the day.


Now, we will look at the web push notifications benefits that your online business drives from it.


  1. Boosted leads that help in inbound marketing.

Its popup plugins are effective in generating quality leads’ base for your online business.


  1. Customers tend to spend more time than through personalizing popups.

When they personalize messages and popups, they engage more with your products & services. 


  1. Sales increases by 35% quarterly through discount popups.

Web push notifications tool offers plugins that help in generating profits & improve sales ratio. Additionally, clients witnessed 35% quarterly sales increase with WCF popup plugins.


  1. Better social branding through social share options.

Social share is the option where the audience shares their experience on their social handles and it builds the word of mouth for your business.


  1. Newsletter signups increase exponentially.

When you want to connect with your subscribers through emails, push notifications are effective that improves the ratio of newsletter signups. 


  1. Real time visitors’ count builds trust among the audience.

Real time visitors improve customer trust as they are more likely to use your products because you have sound no. of real time online visitors.


  1. Social proofs help customers trust your online business.

Customer testimonials and proofs are more likely to influence the audience for purchasing your services. 


These Top Web Push Notifications Tools Generate The Mentioned Benefits:


These are the popups that create Fomo to customers and they motivate them to buy your products. 


  1. Random Share : Shows customer testimonials

  2. Newsletter Signups : Increase quality base through email signups

  3. Social Share : audience gets to share their experience online

  4. LiveCounter Conversion : shows real-time website visitors

  5. Countdown Plugin : create fomo by showing the time left of stocks

  6. Emoji : customer/audience rates your website through emojis

  7. Score Feedback : through ratings visitors rate your platform

  8. Discount Coupon : boosts sales by displaying attractive coupons

  9. Social Proofs Plugin : shows customer testimonials for trust building


Wrapping Up The Topic 


You need to be strategic to use these Fomo Popup plugins because every business has different requirements. Also, each web page requires different push notifications to display messages.

Therefore either consult with experts or contact the best popup plugin maker that showcases their expertise over web push notifications tools. However, if you want a free consultation call, prefer connecting with WeCodeFuture.


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