The Ultimate Guide to WordPress Plugins

What is the ultimate guide to the best Push Notification Plugin for WordPress? Which are the best wordpress plugins? If you want to know, go through this article once:


When you visit a website, a notification popups on the screen like a countdown notification, 15% off notification, and many more, these notifications or popups are the FOMO WordPress Plugin.


WeCodeFuture has also launched its wordpress plugin, WeCodeFuture FOMO Plugin, which provides many extra features to your site. Our plugin follows the standard necessary to keep the platform performant and secure while delivering a great user experience.


If you want the powerful WordPress plugin that can enhance your website’s features, you are on the right platform. Contact our experts as soon as possible.


What is WordPress Plugin?


A small piece of software that is plugged into your WordPress site to add new functions or enhance the existing functionality of your site. That small piece of software is WordPress Plugin. You can virtually create any type of eCommerce stores websites with the help of these WordPress plugins. 


The features that a WordPress plugin adds to your website are: improving SEO, increasing site speed, creating an online store, adding email options, etc.

50,000+ free and 10,000+ premium plugins are available in the Plugin directory. In addition, you can choose plugins according to your needs from the directory.


Get Installed  WeCodeFuture FOMO WordPress Plugin


Follow the given steps to get the Push Notification Service for Websites for the installation of  the WeCodeFuture FOMO WordPress Plugin:


  1. Visit the FOMO WordPress Plugin Page of WeCodeFuture.

  2. Click on the install button.

  3. Then, a Zip file gets downloaded to your system.

  4. Then, you have to log in to your website's backend.

  5. Go to the Plugins->Add New.

  6. Then, upload that Zip file.

  7. Finally, install it.

  8. Once the installation gets finished, click on activate.

  9. Our FOMO plugin gets installed on your site.


Different Types of Plugins


The WordPress Plugins for SEO are divided into 9 different categories -


  1. Marketing Plugins

  2. eCommerce Plugins

  3. Development+Design Plugins

  4. Media Plugins

  5. Customer Experience Plugins

  6. Security Plugins

  7. Business Development Plugins

  8. Site Optimization Plugins

  9. Miscellaneous Plugins and more.


Top Essential WordPress Plugins

Some of the top WordPress Push Notifications for Websites are -



  • It is a leading eCommerce plugin for WordPress used to sell products or services on the website.

  • WooCommerce converts a WordPress blog into a fully functionally online store.

  • It provides endless customization like selling everything from digital files to physical products.

  • The features WooCommerce adds to your website are setting currencies, showing reviews and ratings, adding sorting and filtering functions, setting unlimited images per product, enabling subscriptions, and many more.


Yoast SEO

  • The best WordPress plugin for Image Optimization and achieving a higher rank in search engines.

  • It provides templates for titles and meta descriptions to craft the information according to best SEO practices.

  • It helps analyze the content for both readability and keywords to give high-quality content with SEO.

  • Your website can achieve a higher rank in SERPs using this plugin.


WeCodeFuture FOMO Plugin

  • Stop your customers from leaving your website with the help of our web push notification software.

  • It converts leads into customers and therefore drives more sales.

  • The plugin updates customers about product information, coupons, discounts, etc.

  • It provides real-time visitors status to enhance the brand value.

  • You can attach YouTube videos to advertise your services. 


All in One SEO

  • The AIO SEO plugin manages broad on-site SEO and optimizes your website to achieve a higher position in search results.

  • You can inspect the status of your site, and it gives you an idea of where to make updates.

  • It offers features of changing meta descriptions, title tags, etc.

  • All in One SEO gives a user-friendly solution to monitor and improve your on-page SEO.


Akismet Spam Protection

  • Akismet Spam Protection is a popular anti-spam and Automattic-backed plugin for WordPress.

  • It checks your contact form submissions for suspicious submissions.

  • It will make your blog clean and spam-free.

  • You can review the comments that let you block and unblock comments yourself.



The articles provide you with information about the best wordpress plugins for your website. Using these plugins, you can improve your website and achieve your business goal. The thousands of free and premium plugins are available in the WordPress repository that you can choose from for any kind of eCommerce website.

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