QR Code Menu Software: Is It Even Necessary?

You might have heard about digital menus or Qr code menu software in the news or media. But, the question is, are these digital qr menus necessary?


We are already in the new normal where all are trying to eat healthier and taking precautions against Covid-19. So, why prefer qr code menus in eating houses?


In this article, we tried to clear some myths and your doubts regarding qr code menu software. So, let’s start with the basics.


What does Qr code menu software mean?


Quick response(QR) is a technology where consumers need to scan a “square-shaped, black-white dotted matrix, called QR” from their smartphones. Consequently, it redirects them to the page a Qr is linked to.


Similarly, in the restaurant industry, this software is majorly preferred due to its efficiency & effectiveness. In restaurant Qr code menu software helps managers organize their business smoothly. 


For instance, they use it to manage their staff, customer orders & payments, get better insights into their guests, etc. But, there is always a hot topic of “paper menu vs. advanced digital Qr menu.” So, let’s look at them.


Difference Between Paper Menu & Digital Qr Code Menu


Since the fight is always on for this hot topic, so, let’s end it now:



Paper Menu

Digital Qr Code Menu


Where a hard copy menu of a food item is served to the audience is called a paper menu.

Where customers instantly scan the QRs, affixed on the tables, and get the soft copy of the food menu on their mobiles.


For editing any item or price; it costs heavy on pocket. As it requires a complete printing cost.

It does not require any cost, editing can be done easily through the software.


No-need for internet & wifi. Saves Cost!

Requires Internet Connection. Requires wifi cost!


If a restaurant does not have enough of it. It can create chaos among customers. 

As it is software, it requires only a simple & quick scan. Therefore, no chaos.


Required. As customers have to contact staff for food orders & payments.

Does not require any interaction except while serving the food. Rather, the customer quickly orders & pays through QRs.

Possibilities of Virus Spread

Possibilites are there due to physical interaction

Lesser chances of virus spread!

Quick Facilities!

Depends on the restaurant’s budget. But overall; “not-present.”

Quick Facilities are there!


Is it important to use Qr code menu software?

After reading the difference, what do you think? Is it fruitful to have Qr code menu software? Let’s shed more light on paperless Qr menus benefits apart from the comparison:


  1. Boost social presence.

  2. Displays better options (food combos) to guests.

  3. Customers get better discounts & coupons through the app.

  4. Managers get better customer insights (their food taste & preferences).

  5. Qr code menu software increases the revenues & profitability of a cafe.

  6. Customers can share their experiences on social media through the social share option.

  7. Restaurants can monitor daily, weekly, monthly, yearly orders & payments.

  8. It boosts staff productivity & also shoots up their productivity.

  9. Restaurateurs get to manage more customers than before.

  10. Lastly, it increases customer footfalls with its effectiveness.


Wrapping Up


The restaurant industry is bound to use Qr code menu software because of its effectiveness. You can read the digital Qr code menu benefits to get more insights into it. 

Additionally, it is also easier to generate a contactless Qr menu within a few minutes. For complete details, click here. Lastly, contact WeCodeFuture, if you wish to generate the best Qr code menu for your eatery.


However, the best Qr code menu builder will let you have the mentioned benefits. Also, your customer engagement & sales revenues will be boosted with it.


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