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There are many techniques through which online startups attract audiences and customers. But there is one “ignored” and “not-so-popular” software that has the potential to give businesses increased website traffic, lower bounce rates, and enhanced revenues. It is a “Popup Maker WordPress Plugin.” In this article, we preferred knowing its meaning and the benefits it drives for small businesses. So, let’s dive in!

What Is A FOMO Plugin?


FOMO, short for “fear of missing out,” is a practice marketers use to influence their audience. It is often believed that FOMO only impacts startups, companies, and revenues. But, it is an effective marketing practice that helps companies increase their revenues and final product sales.


Website Owners use it like:


A FOMO plugin is a popup and pushes notification that displays taglines, countdowns, newsletter sign-up options, contact details’ collector & other features. Additionally, it helps eCommerce store owners create a psychological impact on their platform visitors to buy their services urgently.


What value will a popup maker wordpress plugin offer to your business website?


We have concluded that an online business gets these significant benefits from a FOMO WordPress notification tool. So let’s look at them:


  1. E-commerce stores’ major objective is to get maximum visitors on their platform who also converts into their final customers. Therefore, they need to display crisp & clear messages about their services. That is where the “Informational” FOMO plugin comes in and helps startups in this.


  1. Additionally, popup builders also allow owners to display attractive discounts and coupons to drive revenues and sales. Therefore, it is easier to get the customers’ attention, and they tend to make the action more fastly, i.e., purchase.


  1. Bloggers/influencers/ and individual website owners in their initial stage of building the personal brand require building trust among the visitors. So, for building trust, the “Live Counter” plugin (a popup maker wordpress plugin) is necessary to showcase the number of live visitors’ count.


  1. Moving forward, apart from this tab, the “Latest Conversion” plugin is also helpful in establishing trust with the website users. For example, it displays the social proofs like Angelina bought this product from England. Similarly, the “Conversions Counter” displays the related social proofs. Finally, it makes customers believe that your services are worth investment as other people use them.  


  1. If you are an employee responsible for increasing the leads for your company, an email marketing strategy is the best option. Therefore, the “Email Collector” wordpress popup plugin is a feature where users can instantly subscribe to your newsletter or your company’s updates. Thus, you get higher inbound leads.


  1. Furthermore, if you have a technical service like (how to install popup maker WordPress plugin to your online store), you should use the “Video” tab. It demonstrates to visitors how they can use your product or service. However, ensure you know what FOMO actually is.


  1. Similarly, “Random review,” “social share,” “emoji feedback,” “score feedback” are the tabs that either increase your visitors' count or engage them with your company. Also, each of them has a unique feature where users can rate your services & platform, and it also gives you genuine audience feedback.


  1. Lastly, the three features (type of popup notifications) “Request Collector,” “Countdown collector,” and “Cookie Notification” add quality value to your business. Here, your interested client can save their contact details to your database, and you get to support them instantly. Also, to keep the information in users’ systems, the “cookie” plugin is preferred, and for creating urgency, a “countdown collector” is used.


How To Install The Popup Maker WordPress Plugin?


Know the steps to install FOMO web push notification tool to your business site. It helps you get the mentioned benefits, and most importantly, you get to build your “personal” brand. Also, the installation is so simple that it only takes 4 minutes for you to install it on your website. 


However, ensure you consult with experts as each website has a different requirement for which all plugins are ineffective. That is why WeCodeFuture offers a 20-min FREE consultation over FOMO plugin installation strategies. So, let’s make the best use of this advanced software and achieve the business heights together that you imagined while launching your online business.


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