How to Successfully Digitize a Restaurant’s Menu Boards

How to Successfully Digitize a Restaurant’s Menu Boards



Digitizing restaurant menus are a great way to increase the amount of traffic your venue receives! With digital menu boards, you can create one or more different screens that show off your menu and also offer specials. Plus, these menus can be updated in real-time to reflect any changes or additions that happen throughout the day.

What is Menu Boards?

Menu boards are the visual representation of a restaurant's menu. They act as a menu itself, visually displaying the dishes that are on offer and what they cost. 

Menu boards can be digital or physical and typically have a magnetic surface for easy organizing.

Why Menu Boards?

Menu boards will help a restaurant keep its customers in the know. When a restaurant has good menu boards, they will be able to provide customers with more information about their food.


This can include everything from nutrition information on the food to recommended dish pairings and ingredients. QR Code Menu also help a restaurant keep track of what is currently available and what is not on their menus so that they can update their selection without having to change everything on the menu at once.

Benefits of Digital Menu Board

Digital Menu boards are an essential part of the restaurant experience. They allow guests to browse and make choices in an open environment, which helps them feel more comfortable about their order. 


It also allows the staff to keep track of what customers are ordering. The benefits of a digital menu board include the ability to update menus, reduce costs by not printing menus and reduce waste by printing only what is needed at any given time.

Major Considerations for a Restaurant’s Board

After deciding to digitize their menu boards, a restaurant must consider several factors. The first consideration is the size of the board. 

It is important to have the board large enough to accommodate all of the content they want on it. Next, they must decide how to display their menu items. 

They can use a system that displays only one item at a time or display multiple items in succession. Finally, they should design and create the board based on their target audience and location.

Types of Menu Boards: Mobile, Interactive, Print

A menu board is a method of advertising a restaurant's menu to its customers. The most common types are mobile, interactive and print. 


A mobile menu board will be hung on the back of a truck or outside of an establishment. With an interactive menu board, customers can order directly from it by using touch buttons on the screen. 


A printable version is available for restaurants with limited budgets and does not come with too many interactive features


In order to successfully digitize a restaurant's menu boards, it is important to know the size of the items on the board. 


After measuring the board with a ruler and calculating the height of each item, it is possible to convert this information into a file in Adobe Illustrator format. 


This way, it is easy for digital image editors such as Photoshop or Illustrator to work with the digital file and make changes.


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