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Fear of missing out in today’s fast-paced world is not a new concept. There are situations where we start believing that our friends are living a luxurious life than us. Similarly, in the business world, startups and small businesses perceive that their competitor will leave them behind in driving sales and customer acquisition. Therefore, today we will focus on software that is an antidote to this problem, i.e., the FOMO WordPress Popup Plugin.

So, let’s find out how this tool help business engages with their potential and lost leads. 


What Is FOMO Plugin?

FOMO plugin is a feature in a website where customers get popups and reminders to take specific actions. For example, an online clothes store showcasing the number of existing customers who bought a particular product. Therefore, these push notifications work as a method that helps business owners increase their sales and customer base. 


To better understand the FOMO web push notification tool, you first need to relate FOMO personally. For example, suppose you are an entrepreneur serving digital marketing services to clients. But due to tough competition, you start assuming that all your money, time, and resources invested are a complete waste, and you won’t be able to cover up this massive competition. 


That is why you need a solution that increases your platform’s productivity and shows better results than before.

Why Do You Need FOMO WordPress Popup Plugin For Your Online Store?

There are various reasons you need such software to make visitors your loyal consumers. So, let’s first look at 7 major reasons for installing the best popup builder to your business site:


  1. If your platform has a higher bounce rate.

  2. When your sales are stuck at a certain point. 

  3. If you are not getting enough leads to make them your customers.

  4. Your hot leads (interested customers) go cold (without purchasing your service or taking any action). 

  5. When you fail to know why your visitors are not converting into your customers.

  6. When you want to engage with them personally, through emails.

  7. Your visitors are not spending much time with the website content you publish or post.


Benefits These FOMO WordPress Popup Plugin Brings For Your Online Business


FOMO plugins are the best if you use them strategically. So, let’s look at 6 major benefits of push notification plugins:


  1. You can connect with your audience productively through email marketing. 

  2. Also, you get to create urgency through a “countdown collector” that persuades visitors to take action or buy your services. 

  3. You get better visitor insights and get to know who many of them are not interested in your services through “emoji feedback.”

  4. You can build social awareness with the popup builder when the customer gets the option of social share on your website.

  5. Moreover, you can also demonstrate/attach the YouTube video of your service in the popups.

  6. Further, social proofs (customer testimonials) build trust among the audience, and it is a better option to influence them opting your products.


How To Implement Website Popup Plugin To A Business Site?


It is a simple step to install this FREE plugin in your online store. These 9 points explain them better:


  1. Visit the WeCodeFuture FOMO WordPress popup plugin page and download it.


  1. Upload the file to your WordPress website.


  1. With a simple click, the plugin gets installed on your online platform.


  1. After that, signup with our membership plan, which is FREE.


  1. Then give a name to the campaign and enter the domain/subdomain you want popups for. For instance, you can name it “Sales Focused Campaign” and then place your website’s domain. But, remember, you must have backend access to the site you put in the column. 


  1. Click on the campaign name, start exploring the 14 FOMO plugins, and use the best one that suits a web page.


  1. However, you can use 5 tabs together, and they can instantly fit all your web pages. 


  1. Moreover, each tab like “email collector” is entirely customizable, meaning you can rename the “Title” message, “description,” “image,” and many other vital elements.


One Thing Of Note:

Each feature has different qualities; therefore, before updating it to a webpage, you must ensure that it fits better with the page. For instance, your “support” page fits better with the “inquiry” popup, where visitors can instantly type in their contact details to solve their queries. That is why consult with our experts to ensure the productivity of the best Fomo WordPress popup plugin.


Will You Install The Best FOMO WordPress Popup Plugin?


Its benefits are not limited to 6 points only; rather, they are written in a manner so that you get an overview of what you can get after installing this software. Therefore, it is better if you also install it in your online store and witness how it builds your brand awareness. 

So, visit the WeCodeFuture website and download the tool without paying any amount because we are offering FREE service to our first 50 customers. 

But to make it more clear, we are only left with 5 seats as our 45 loyal clients have already installed it on their website without driving any cost. So if you want these benefits for FREE, feel free to reach out to us through our website or fill out the FOMO plugin form quickly. Seats Are Filling By Each Day!


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