Digital Menu For Restaurants

Digital Menu For Restaurants


Whenever it comes to restaurants, customers mostly look for 4 things: A hygienic Environment, Staff wearing masks, proper arrangements of sanitization, and ways where no interaction with waiters can be done. Similarly, when it comes to virus-free ambiance, the digital menu for restaurants is the major factor that comes up to mind.


But the question arises, what digital qr menu is and how it is beneficial for customers and restaurants. Let’s find out in this article:


What Is a Digital Menu?

As the name suggests, a digital menu is a soft copy of paper menus. In short, people scan a Qr code from their mobile and instantly access the food menu on their mobiles.


A digital menu for restaurants proved to be “a business-saving antidote” where many eateries updated themselves & adopted this software. There are many reasons why they adopt such software.


Reasons A Digital Menu For Restaurants Are Preferred

There are plenty of reasons cafes use digital qr menus. So, let’s find out them:


  1. Customer Footfalls

One of the major reasons for choosing a digital menu for restaurants is that it increases the customer footfalls. Guests always appreciate a better place to eat & spend time with their loved ones.


  1. Virus-Free environment

When there is a “Go Hands-Free” option then the place becomes “Virus-Free.” In short, many people like to eat & have their food in a safer environment.


  1. Instant order & pay

The primary & basic reason to use contactless & digital menus is that it helps in instant order & pay. Additionally, customers get to order their food in seconds & pay their bills more quicklier.


  1. Productive Staff

Staff tends to work more productively as they no longer need to take orders from the customers. So, they better work at their hospitality.


  1. Better customer engagement

Restaurants with digital menus are fruitful as it keeps their customers engaged with the business. So, it gives eateries more insights of their guests.


  1. Boosted social presence

Many apps give social share options where customers share their experience. Therefore, if a cafe serves better, the word-of-mouth of restaurants increases.


  1. Better customer reviews

Customers are more likely to fill out reviews & give ratings instead of giving actual feedback. So, digital menus help in that way. 


  1. Impressive designs

Food combos & other items come with their image display which was mostly avoided in paper menus. It impacts customers’ buying process and they order their favorite food.


  1. Better food combos with visuals

Customers get more options and most importantly they get to access better food combos based on their previous past experience. That is why, with customers' insights, cafes can serve better each time they visit.


  1. Quick Service

As mentioned above, with instant pay, order, serve, hospitality and other facilities. Digital menu for restaurants becomes a quicker service that saves time, cost, energy, resources for eating houses.


Steps to create a digital menu for a restaurant

These are the steps that help you create a contactless qr code menu:


  1. Visit WCF QR Code Menu Builder.

  2. Click on the “Start Free Trial” and “Join” buttons.

  3. Sign-up with your email.

  4. On the simple signup, you get your personal admin section. 

  5. Additionally, explore each column shown on the left of your screen.

  6. Now, you can see how the instant pay, order, data backup options work.

  7. Apart from it, create your personalized food menu for your restaurant.

  8. However, instantly upgrade your membership plan because the free plan is only beneficial for the short term.

  9. The “12$/month plan is the most popular plan and gives all benefits mentioned above. 

  10. Furthermore, create your custom Qr code and print it out to affix on tables.


Wrapping Up:

In conclusion, I will assure you that choosing the best Digital menu providing company will give you the results you never expected. Also, these benefits & steps are worthy points to read for once.

However, if you want to know how to use them strategically, you need to have a 20-min free consultation with our experts. It will help you resolve your doubts & will give you new ideas of using a digital menu restaurant.


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