Contactless Menu Ordering

Why does the need arise for QR Code Menu Ordering? Is it necessary? Let's explore in this article:


During the pandemic, the government ordered the shutdown of all the restaurants and stores, and the public panicked. Their main concern was maintaining social distancing from being affected by the virus. But, after they reopened, the need for a contactless menu, i.e., QR code menu ordering, arises so that there is less communication or contact between staff and the customers.


What is a QR code? QR code is the digital version of physical menus. It is a revolutionary change in the restaurant industry. Using QR code menu ordering, the customer only has to point the camera's phone to the QR code, and the restaurant's menu will open on your screen, and the customer can browse the things they want to order.


Advanced digital menu tools also have the option of pre-ordering.


Standard Process of QR code menu ordering


The typical process of QR code menu ordering is -


Customer scans QR code with their phone's camera to open the menu.

Then, they choose a dish and order it.

The restaurant receives the order.


How to scan a QR code?


There are three ways of scanning Qr codes for a menu from your phone -


  • Browser

  • Google Lens

  •  Camera App


  • Scan QR code using Browser


  1. Open any browser like Chrome, Firefox, etc., on your phone.

  2. Type URL “”.

  3. A scanner will flash on your screen after the website "" opens up.

  4. Now scan the QR code by pointing to your phone's camera. QR code will appear o your screen.

  5. A notification of "open link" will pop up.

  6. Finally, a digital menu appears on your screen. Now you can order what you want.


  • Scan QR code using Google Lens


  1. iPhone users and Android users can download the Google Lens App from the iOS and Play stores, respectively.

  2. Open the Google App and click on the Google Lens icon on the right side of the search bar.

  3. Now point your phone's camera at the QR Code.

  4. Click on the notification in the middle and the bottom of the screen.

  5. A Digital qr menu appears. You can order now.


  •  Scan QR code using Camera App


  1. Open Camera App from the Home or Lock screen.

  2. Point your phone's camera at the QR Code to scan it.

  3. At the bottom of your screen, a notification will pop up.

  4. Click on it to access the digital menu.


What are the Benefits of QR code Menu Ordering?


Some advantages of using a digital restaurant menu are listed below -


  • Do not have to share menu between customers.

  • You do not have to invest money in printing physical menus.

  • Do not have to hire more staff for work also saves money.

  • Increase order values as customers order more digitally.

  • You do not have to call the waiter to take an order.

  • You can edit menu cards easily.

  • Digital menu designs look more attractive.

  • Customers can also see images of items.

  • It provides a better customer experience.

  • Promoting apps download.

  • We have a backup of customers' data.

  • During the pandemic, customers feel safe as they do not have to contact staff directly, promoting social distancing.

  • It takes care of both customer's hygiene and the staff's hygiene.

  • The restaurant looks more modern, and the chances of recommendation increase.


Cost of building a QR Code Menu


The cost of creating custom digital menu boards depends on the features requirements you want for your menu and the number of scans you need in a year. For more features, it can cost higher also, but generally, it costs 60$ per year to build a QR Code menu for restaurants. Many Web Development Agencies  don't charge for creating a QR Code of your menu. They make it for free, but charge a lot for the software they used to create the QR Code of your restaurant's menu. 


Over to You

In recent years, QR code menu order has brought a regime change in the restaurant industry. It gives customers a convenient and efficient way of ordering and increases brand awareness on social media. Not only in Restaurant industries, but QR codes also played an important role in tracing coronavirus exposures and were also used for marketing and advertising campaigns.

You can also hire Web Development Services to get the best QR code menu services.


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