Contactless Digital Menu for Safe Dining

Why does the need for QR Code Menu in India arise? How is it profitable for restaurants in India? First, let's read out this article:


The arrival of "QR Code Menu India" proved a revolutionary change in the restaurant industry. During COVID 19, a contactless digital menu was needed as no one wanted to contact each other and touch anything. Although at the initial stage of the pandemic, the government of India ordered to shut down all stores and restaurants. After some time, it became necessary to open the market but according to government guidelines, the Indian Economy was falling down day by day. The main point of concern in those guidelines was social distance so that fewer or no people get affected by the virus. So here the need arises for “QR Code menu India” so that there will be less communication or contact between customers and staff.

What is a QR Code?

A QR Code is a machine-readable or machine-scannable code that consists of an array of black and white squares. It stores URLs and other information for scanning by the device. It is a technology that connects the physical world to the digital world. QR Codes are easy to make and are cheap. There are two types of QR Codes - Static and Dynamic QR Codes.

It is a quick response system; that's why it has become so popular in the restaurant industry. The advanced digital tools also add the feature of pre-ordering.

Generating a QR Code

Creating a unique QR code menu is not a complex process, but you need to generate or create a different QR code for other restaurants every time. The method of generating a QR Code consist of the following steps -


1. Choose a QR Code Generator

There are multiple QR code generators available on the internet. Please choose one of them that is more compatible with your mobile app QR Code reader and easily tracked.


2. Choose Content

In the next step, you have to select the type of content you want for scanning. Again, you have a variety of options to choose from a range.


3. Fill up the Data in the Form

Now enter the data in the form's particular fields that appear before you. For example, your email address, subject line, etc.


4. Downloading the QR Code

After completing the form, the QR Code is generated for your business. Now, download the generated QR code.


5. Testing the QR Code

Once you download the QR Code, the last step is testing whether it is easily scannable or not, it is easily sharable or not, and it can easily track the customers. So check your QR code properly to analyze the performance.


How is a “QR code Menu India” profitable for both restaurants and customers?

The advantages of replacing old physical menu cards with digital menu cards are -


  • The digital QR Code menu helps in maintaining social distance between the staff and customers.

  • It saves money as there is no longer a need to print menus and hire more staff for work.

  • Now customers order more, hence also increasing order values.

  • You can directly order without waiting for the waiter.

  • The customers get attracted to the design of the menu as they can see the images of dishes.

  • It offers a better user experience, and the customer may become your regular customer.

  • The chance of recommendation of your restaurant to others increases as now your restaurant looks more modern.

  • It also promotes your restaurant application download.

  • It provides backup or stores your customer's data.

  • Your brand gets popular on social media.

  • It maintains the hygiene of both customers and staff.


So, you can see a “QR Code menu India” or digital menu board is beneficial for both the customers and the restaurants. Although the cost of creating a QR code is not so high, so every restaurant can adapt it.


Concluding the Topic " QR Code Menu India. "


In the last some years, due to the pandemic, “QR Code Menu India” has been rapidly taking the place of physical menu cards. According to a report, about 86.66% of people scanned a QR Code once in their lifetime using smartphones, and 36.40% scanned at least one QR Code in a week. So it is not wrong to say that QR Code makes life easier in a touchless world.

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