Best WordPress Plugins For Blogs

Do you know something about the WordPress Plugins? How many types of WordPress Plugins are available? What is their use? N0! All you need to do once you go through this article.


I think everyone used to surf different sites, and if you noticed a notification pop-up in front of you on the window like 20% discount offer, become a premium member, etc. These notifications are FOMO WordPress Plugins.


So, if you want the best Push Notifications plugin for WordPress, we are here to help you with every best FOMO plugin for your website growth.


What is WordPress Plugin?


A WordPress Plugin is a small piece of software that is plugged into your WordPress Website to add new functionality or enhance the current features of your website. You can virtually create any website like eCommerce stores. WordPress Plugins for new sites are the building blocks. They add new features or functionality to the website like improving SEO, increasing site speed, creating an online store, adding email options, etc.

According to your requirements, there are about 50,000+ free plugins and 10,000+ premium plugins in the Plugin directory that you can choose from.


Different Types of Plugins

There are nine types of WordPress Plugins for SEO -


  1. Security

  2. Website Optimization

  3. Contact Forms Plugins

  4. Caching Plugins

  5. Booking Plugins

  6. Google Analytics Plugins

  7. SEO Plugins

  8. Pop-up Plugins

  9. Image Optimization Plugins


How do WordPress Plugins Work?


For WordPress Plugins, follow the given steps -

  • Developers can add the code to the WordPress Pop-up Plugin Free.

  • Different types of data can be stored in the WordPress database.

  • The installed plugins get registered in the wordpress database. The Plugins can be activated and deactivated at any time.

  • Wordpress connects to the database on visiting the site.

  • The core software gets loaded, and then active plugins are loaded.

  • Then, the added code will be processed and sent to the user's browser.


WordPress Plugins Installation

For better understanding read this quick easy Fomo Popup plugin installation tips and get started with the software instantly!


  • Visit WeCodeFuture’s WordPress Fomo Plugin Page!

  • Fill in the required details!

  • Download the zip file and upload that into your site’s backend!

  • Press “Add New” and “Update” to add the plugin!


Some Must-Have Plugins for Blogs


  1. WooCommerce


  • WooCommerce is a famous WordPress plugin used for converting your WordPress blog into an online store with proper functioning. 

  • WooCommerce is a free plugin that is the best thing about it.

  • It offers complete customization, and you can sell anything you want, like physical products, digital files, etc. 

  • The plugin offers features like setting currencies, adding multiple images to your product, showing reviews and ratings, sorting and filtering functions, etc.


  1. All in One SEO(AIOSEO)


  • The best wordpress plugin for websites is known for managing comprehensive on-site SEO.

  • It optimized your website to get a higher rank in search engines.

  • You can check the status of your current site in its site-wide audits.

  • It gives an idea of where to make updates to your site.

  • Enhances your on-page SEO by providing a user-friendly solution to monitor.


  1. Yoast SEO


  • The best wordpress popup plugin software can easily optimize pages and achieve a higher rank in search results.

  • Templates for titles and meta descriptions are available that you can craft according to SEO practices.

  • It balances the quality of content by analyzing the readability and keywords.

  • Its tactics will help to improve your website's SERP ranking.


  1. Jetpack


  • Jetpack includes a group of plugins. These plugins add more valuable functionalities and features to enhance your website.

  • The essential features are adding social share buttons, contact forms, CDN Services, email subscription forms, etc.

  • It takes care of lead generation, backups, security, and speed.

  • You need to install only those tools required to grow your site.


  1. WeCodeFuture FOMO Plugin


  • It is the best plugin to stop your customers from leaving your website.

  • Drives more slea by converting leads into customers.

  • Our WeCodeFuture FOMO plugin updates customers about product’s information, coupons, discounts, etc.

  • Provide real time visitors status to enhance brand value.

  • It allows to attach YouTube videos to advertise your services. 


  1. Akismet Spam Protection


  • It is an Automattic-backed and anti-spam plugin for WordPress.

  • Using this tool, you can check contact form submission.

  • It provides you with a neat blog with spam-free forms by commenting on suspicious proposals.

  • The device runs in the background, giving the review of the comments.


  1. MonsterInsights Lite

  • It is the best-known wordpress plugin for Google Analytics.

  • You can connect your blog with Google Analytics with this plugin in one click.

  • You can also track the blog traffic and other essential stats within the wordpress dashboard.

  • The plugin is used to know your audience, better ideas for bol posts, and monetize the blog.


Concluding the Topic " Best WordPress Plugins For Blogs"

You understand the importance of the best wordpress plugins for blogs from the whole article. These plugins enhance the features and functionality of your blog without writing any code. You can also gain brand awareness and boost traffic to your website with the help of these plugins.


Get the best wordpress plugins for blogs from the best WordPress development agency in Noida.

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