Basic Principles Of Logo Design

A memorable logo design is necessary for building a brand identity and running a successful business these days. Therefore, you should follow some basic principles to create a compelling logo so that your brand's identity becomes a trustworthy brand among the audience.


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Logo: A Brand Identity


Every company has its brand identity or mark, combining text and images. That brand identity is called a logo of a company. The mechanism of creating a logo for a company is the logo designing process. 


If you want that your company is known or remembered by the audience, then your logo design should be simple, timeless, versatile, Scalable, and original. These are the essential things to list your logo in the 10 top logo designs on Google.


Latest Logo Designs Types

The best professional logo design services create the following types of logo designs -


  • Wordmarks/logotypes 

  • Letterforms 

  • Lettermarks/monogram logos 

  • Logo symbols/brand marks/pictorial marks 

  • Abstract logo marks 

  • Mascots 

  • Emblems 

  • Combination marks 

  • Dynamic Marks 


10 Basic Principles Of Logo Design that Helps to Build a Strong Brand Identity

Build a powerful logo for your company that leads to an increase in your lead generation tips for the company -


1. Analyze the Target Audience

Research your target audience, like their interest, age, social, economic, educational, and cultural backgrounds, to get the best direction for logo design. Moreover, it will help boost your sales as people will show more interest in buying your product.


2. Insights of the Market

After researching the audience, do deep research in the market to understand what your competitor is doing, the latest technology, and what is on-trend? It will give you the best guide in building brand identity in logo design


3. Keep Straightforward Design

Do not make a complex logo design, and it becomes difficult for the audience to remember. However, they lose interest if the company's logo is poor. So Make it simple to make it more impactful.


4. Think Creative

Brainstorm ideas to drive out some creative ideas for logo designs. Take a review on other's company logo designs or take pictures from Google or Pinterest. 


5. Time to Sketch

I think you have brainstormed ideas, so what are you waiting for? Craft your thoughts on a piece of paper with a pencil. You will get many preliminary sketches to choose the best one.


6. Right Choice of Color

Make sure that the color you use in your logo should make it more attractive to your customers. You can use those colors that evoke emotions or that match your product. For example, Green color for eco-friendly, red color for love or danger, pink color for feminism, etc.


7. Apply Right Typography

Pick the right typography to give a strong personality to your logo design. Use proper and modern fonts and proper spacing between letters and words to provide readable and aesthetically-pleasing composition.


8. Scalable and Versatile

Scalability is the essential quality that means a logo could be enlarged to any size with its original quality in any situation.

A logo should also be versatile that can be used wherever you want without losing its original quality.


9. Timeless Logo

Design a logo that could stand at every test of time. Make it modern, but it should also be timeless so that you don't have to spend money every year on redesigning the logo.


10. Represent a Meaning

Your logo should reflect the meaning of your company so that everyone can recognize your company.

For example, The Audi has four rings representing the four companies tied up to form Audi's processor company, Auto Union. These are Horch, Audiwerke, DKW and Wanderer.


Final Thoughts

After reading the article, you are ready to create an awesome logo for your brand. So you must follow these principles to give your company the best original logo design.

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