Backlink Analysis: Importance & Step-by-step guide

What is Backlink Analysis? Why does it matter? Let's find out in this article:

Backlinks are the links from another credible site pointing to your site. Backlinking your website will help you create better quality and more reputable sites.

Backlink analysis is the process of reviewing a website s backlinks to analyze the site's performance and find any issues that might affect the website's rank in the Google Search engine. So, evaluating the health and quality of websites pointing to your domain is known as backlink analysis. 

It can be done on both your site and your competitors' sites, and the information obtained from the process can be used to improve your post and site performance.


What do you need to Conduct Backlink Analysis?

The significant components of Backlink analysis are -


  • Total number of links

Identify the number of links of other websites pointing to your site.


  • Unique Domains

Identify the number of unique sites that are pointing to your site.


  • Quality of Links

Identify how many sites have authority to your site linked to your site.


  • Anchor Text

Identify the number of keywords and phrases in the sites linking to your site.


An Ultimate Guide to Backlink Process 

The backlink analysis process consists of the following steps -


  • Make a list of sites that you want to analyze

The first step in the backlink analysis process is to choose your competitor's site to analyze your site. Next, select those sites that offer similar products as your site's product and choose those sites that outrank your site for your keyword.


  • Auditing Tool

Select an  SEO auditing tool to conduct a manual backlink audit. Try to select the tool which has essential features of your need—for instance, SEMrush, Majestic, etc.


  • Take a Quick Review

After selecting the tool, take an overview for a complete analysis of your site. For this, enter your domain name into the search bar and check out the results. Collect information like -

  1. Total Backlinks

  2. Referring Domains

  3. Top Linked Pages


  • Analyze the Details

Now examine the details like identifying the links that are likely to be spam, ignore those links that could reach out to the websites to ask to be removed, or the sites that are part of negative SEO, etc.


  • Analyze your Competitor's Site

The last step is to see what your competitors are doing to dive deeper into your domain and know why they are growing faster than your website, referring domains for the website that is outranking your site.


Top Tools for Backlink Analysis

Some of the top backlink analysis tools are -


  • Kerboo - Kerboo gives you the feature of creating a list of important links for you or you want to keep. The system will automatically check on the link daily.


  • CognitiveSEO - It has an alert system that allows you to create triggers and notifications regarding your website or your competitors.


  • Linkody - The backlink checking process is time-consuming. Linkody helps you save your time by providing notifications for when you gain and lose links. In addition, identify spammy links check insights of competitors' sites.


  • LinkResearchTools - Its top features is to allow integrating data from 24 link backends. It gives you a complete backlink profile view.


  • Monitor Backlinks - The most incredible feature of this tool is the ability to connect it with your Google Analytics account. Using this tool, you can also check what your competitors are doing. It also helps to boost your local SEO services.


  • SEMrush - SEO tool SEMrush is a powerful tool that helps you improve online visibility and discover marketing insights.


  • Ahrefs - It provides you with accurate data and updated data related to your lin profile. You don't have to worry about accuracy while using the Ahrefs tool.


The Final words on the Topic "Backlink Analysis."

Backlink Analysis helps you boost your overall SEO and understand SEO compared to others. It improves the overall quality of your site using the links of other websites in the backend that provides you fresh and clean data to understand the current state of a backlink profile. Moreover, it makes you aware of current marketing strategies and market competition. If you need expert help for backlink analysis of your website, you can contact the best SEO agency for better results.


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