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Do you know how to use Ads Manager Instagram? Is Ads Manager an Instagram tool? Let's find out in this article:

Ads Manager Instagram is a tool present in Facebook, but don't worry if you have a Facebook Page. You can easily start Instagram ads, or if you already have a business Instagram account, you can claim it while creating your campaign ad in Ads Manager.

Ads Manager is a Facebook tool that provides the features of creating, buying, and managing Instagram campaigns. In addition, you can run Instagram ads in the Facebook ads manager. Are you surprised to hear this? Of course, but this is true because Facebook owns Instagram, and that's why both applications work flawlessly using a single Ads Manager.


Types of Instagram Ads


The various types of Instagram ads are -


  • Image Ads

  • Stories Ads

  • Video Ads

  • Collection Ads

  • Shopping Ads

  • IGTV Ads

  • Carousel Ads

  • Explore Ads

  • Reels Ads


From the above list of Instagram ads, you can choose the ad format that best fits your business goal. In addition, every Ads format has its selection of call-to-action options.


Things to focus on for Choosing the Best Instagram Ad Type


Choosing the best Instagram marketing techniques for Ads type comprises five steps - Research, Business Goal, Targeting, Creative, and Tracking.


  1. Take deep research on your Competitors.


Researching your competitor is all about analyzing what your competitors are doing, their ads types, call-to-action, etc. For this, visit your competitor's Instagram account and inspect all these things.


  1. The Goal of your Business


Determine the objective of your Instagram business or campaign -


  • You want to increase your brand awareness.

  • You want more of your app installation.

  • You want to engage more people with your post.

  • You want to increase your sales, etc.


  1. Reach Out you Target Audience


This step is about finding your target audience to help you achieve your business goal. So, try to find out the best audience interested in your product. For example - The custom audience who already visited your website, the Lookalike audience who can be your regular customers, etc.


  1. Build Your Instagram Ads


It includes creating creative images, videos, slogans, and call-to-action that grab your audience's interest in it. So try to build an Instagram ad that is more creative and unique.


  1. Conversions


It provides the facility of direct sales action on your Instagram ads, such as adding payment info.


Steps to Create an Ads Manager Instagram


Creating an Instagram in Ads Manager is a six-step process given below:


  1. What is your Ads Objective?


Identify the objective of your Instagram campaign that you want for your business -

  • Enhance your brand awareness

  • Reach out to your target Audience

  • Want to drive more traffic

  • Enhance engagement of the audience.

  • Increase lead generation solutions and video views.

  • Promote more app installation, etc.


  1. Give a name to your Instagram Campaign.


After deciding the objective of your Instagram campaign, now give a unique name to your campaign that would reflect what you are promoting, whether it is a monthly ad or not, etc. It also helps you keep track of your ads within the Instagram Ads Manager.


  1. Select your Ads Placements 


The next step is to select your ad placement or social media platforms where you want to advertise like an advertise on Instagram or Facebook to ensure that your advert pops up in the right place or the Audience Network you want your advertisement to appear in.


  1. Know Your Audience


Now, the time is to target your Audience what they want or what products they are interested in buying. You can know your Audience by understanding the customer's Location, Age, Gender, Demographics, Interests, Behavior, Languages, Connections, etc.


  1. Set your Ad Budget and Schedule


Before setting an Instagram ad, define your ad budget and schedule. You have to choose from a daily budget and a lifetime budget for this.


  1. Choose your Instagram Ad Format


Now, the time is to select the suitable ad format for your Instagram Ad. As you read earlier in this article, you can choose from a variety of ads formats, as you read earlier in this article like image Ads, Video Ads, Carousel Ads, etc.


Last Words on the Topic "Ads   Manager   Instagram."


This article provides you with complete guidance about Ads Manager Instagram. You have learned to create Instagram Ads using Facebook Ads manager to increase your brand reach, customers, etc.

Even after a lot of effort, your Instagram page is not growing as expected; you can consult the Web Development Agency for Ads Manager Instagram Services.


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