A to Z Guide For Free Digital Menu For Restaurants

What is a free digital menu? Is it necessary for the restaurant industry? Let's readout this article:


The primary purpose behind the free digital menu for restaurants is to maintain hygiene and social distance. How? A Digital menu is a QR code restaurant menu that customers scan using their mobiles to order their food digitally. A code is a two-dimensional code that is readable by smartphones. It stores information in text, a URL, or other data. So the question arises is it necessary for restaurants? 


I would say "YES" it is essential for restaurants in today's time to maintain hygiene and social distance between the staff and the customers during COVID-19.


Why is Free Digital Menu for Restaurants necessary?

Some benefits of having a Free Digital Menu board for Restaurants are -


  • First, it makes your restaurant a trendy restaurant by letting customers order their food digitally.

  • It is cost-efficient for owners as they don't have to pay for a physical print menu or promotional material.

  • You don't have to hire more workers for waiting.

  • As the staff reduces, it means less staffing is needed.

  • You can provide 24/7 support to your customers.

  • It boosts your sales.

  • The investment in the digital menu is low while the profit is high.

  • It is flexible, and you can easily update and edit it.


Is Free Digital Menu for Customers Necessary?


Now let's see some benefits of a free digital menu for customers -


  • It takes care of the customer's hygiene and maintains social distancing between the staff and the customers.

  • It saves time for the customers as they can order using the mobiles rather than waiting for customers to take the order.

  • It is more convenient for customers than a physical menu card.

  • It provides a great user experience.

  • The restaurant looks more modern to customers so that they can be your repeated customers.


How to make a Free Digital Menu for Restaurants?


The basic process of designing a free QR code for a restaurants menu consists of the following steps -


  1. Create New Project

The first step is to create a new project -

  • Open Adobe Illustrator.

  • Create a new project(File>New)

  • Enter your display's solution.


  1. Set Up the Grid

Now turn on the grid by 

  • Click view>Show Grid

  • Also, ensure that 'Snap to Grid' and 'Snap to Point' are enabled.


  1. Choose the Background Color

After creating your project, now the time is to build a menu. You have first to choose a background color that matches your restaurant theme.


  1. Add an Image

The next step is to attach an image that matches your restaurant's theme. Adding a photo is optional; it depends on you; if you want to add, you can add.

  • Go to file>Add Image

  • Then resize the image to fit your menu.


  1. Logo and Typography

Now add a logo and typography to your restaurant menu card. Your logo should reflect your restaurant objective, and the language written in it should be understood or readable by the customers.


  1. Make Sections or Dividers

If you want your digital menu to be understood by everyone quickly, make different sections of items like breakfast, lunch, dinner, Chinese, starter, shakes, etc.


  1. Add Menu Items

Once you have divided the menu into sections, add menu items in those sections you want in your restaurants.


  1. Export and Upload

The last step is to export your menu card from Illustrator and then upload it to your displays. 

  • Go to file>Save for Web(Chek JPEG is high selected)

  • Click Save


Some Apps for Free Digital Menu for Restaurants


Some digital menu printing apps and softwares are -


  • Pickcel Digital Menu Board App

  • WeCodeFuture

  • Visme

  • QRCode Monkey

  • QRStuff

  • Beaconstac

  • Scanova

  • Unitag

  • QR Code Generator

  • Logaster

  • QRTiger


Tips to Design a Menu for Restaurants -


  • First, prepare a list of food items.

  • Then, divide the list into specific sections like starters, Chinese, Desserts, Shakes, etc.

  • The menu design should be attractive and original and should match your restaurant's design.

  • It should be in an accessible format so that everyone can easily read it.

  • Choose a proper size for the menu.

  • It should be versatile, which means that the menu should exist in at least three items: simple Maggie, veg Maggie, egg Maggie, etc.

  • Average food price.

Wrapping Up the Topic " Free Digital Menu for Restaurants".


This blog provides you with a complete guide to the free digital menu for restaurants. So now you are ready to create your own free digital menu for your restaurant.

You can also hire a Web Development Agency to get a well-crafted digital menu for your restaurant. Some web agencies create a digital menu for free, while some charge for creating a menu.

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