Professional content writing services are vital for every online business. It involves writing SEO-friendly, attractive, engaging, & readable content. If you are a fresher content writer, then you need to start with writing first. 


The rest of the skills will come after practice. In addition, you need some ideas to get started with your writing, let’s look at them;


Professional content writing ideas:-


Here are some ideas you can start your content writing journey;


1. “How-Tos”

It is one of the best ways to write. The general audience wants solutions to their problems. Therefore, if you pick up their pain points, you would get their attention. 


Moreover, it helps you with your writing process and you will get better every day at your writing.


2. “Educational Posts”

Writing educational posts and blogs is also helpful. However, you can also go for LinkedIn posts and articles as it gets better audience visibility.


3. “Research-Based Content”

A well-researched content requires time and effort, however, you may find it difficult to write initially. But, once you are done writing one, you will get sound outputs in your hands.


4. “SEO-Friendly Writing”

You can also go for writing on the WordPress backend with any SEO plugins like Yoast SEO. By doing this, you will understand how to use keywords effectively with their distribution & volume. 


It will give you a complete understanding of SEO blog writing techniques.


5. “Industry News”

Short blog posts like industry news are worth writing. For instance, you can tell about digital marketing service trends and updates. People with mutual interest will like to read your content. 


6. “Promotional Content”

You can go with writing promotional content for any brand or company. Thus, you can start with internships or fresher jobs. It will give you complete insights on how to write sales copy. 


You can also visit the professional copywriting services of BloggerBaker to know more.


7. “Life Hacks”

Lifehack topics are always trendy and in demand. People want life hacks and instant solutions. Therefore, you can pick up any niche or market for that. For instance, pick up the latest website development solutions for any technical query searched on the net.


8. “Predication Based”

It requires complete analysis and research to predict anything. For instance, if you predict metaverse marketing importance, then you must have some facts in your hands to prove your points.  


9. “Myth-Stereotypes”

Here comes the top-trendy topics that get higher SERP rankings. Bursting myths about something that people believe is true gets more attention span. However, it also requires research and expertise.


10. “Motivational Posts”

Every post requires storytelling, moreover, motivational posts with real examples and storytelling fit better. 


These are the top ten ideas that a professional content writing agency India suggests. Moreover, starting your content writing journey with these topics will make you a better writer every day. 


Some Tips For Your Content Writing Journey


Here are some bullet-ins to kick start your content writing journey:-


1. Focus on what the audience wants to read!

2. Always prefer research, if writing about any deep concept.

3. Conduct keyword research if you want your blog on top of SERP.

4. Structure your content for long-form articles, and formulate heading/subheadings.

5. Use images, and infographics to explain concepts better.

6. Be updated with the latest trends and news of your niche.

7. Prefer writing on social media platforms.

8. Edit your content once done with writing.



Wrapping Up


The ideas and tips are practical and professional content writing agency in India follow these. These will help you gain more content writing skills. However, it takes time to learn skills and get expertise in it. 

But, with consistency and discipline, you would become a better content writer and would get the best career opportunity of your life.

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